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Our Story

We are Central Florida's hottest live Rockabilly band!

Bugsy is on lead guitar, Curtis Harris, a Legend, on the upright bass, Dancing Danny on the drums and Sherry on lead vocals. 

Sherry and the Rockafellas have been the opening act for Scott H. Biram.  (His music has been featured in movies and the TV series Sons of Anarchy).

We were the opening act for WMNF's 14th annual Rockabilly Ruckus!


What Inspires Us

The good ol' simple times of the 50's! Where sock hops, swing dancing and Cadillacs were all the rave, as people boogied to good ol' fashioned rock n roll, blues and swing! 


Our Influences

Influenced by all the greats like Wanda Jackson, Wynona Carr, Ella Mae Morse, Elvis, Johnny Burnette, Carl Perkins, Imelda May, and many more.   




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Bugsy's guitar

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Sherry and the Rockafellas LLC

Summerfield, Florida, United States

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